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Developing a successful ecommerce business goes beyond simply presenting your products or services online. It also requires an understanding of:
the landscape upon which you’re competing on
what differentiates you and your business
understanding your customer base both existing and new
how customers interact with a transactional website
how to generate inbound traffic
how to maximise that traffic into sales
At SMP Marketing, strategy comes first. Much like a conventional offline business we need to work with you to develop a clear roadmap to where we need to be. We need to understand your business and the landscape it lives in. We need to learn about your customers and what drives them to you. We need to look at your competitors and how they compete within the online landscape. We need to work with you and build this strategy before any ecommerce design or development work is undertaken.
We have a proven track record of marketing and development of ecommerce sites. If you would like to learn more get in touch today.

Content Management System

It’s a given that any modern website will be powered by some sort of content management system (CMS). However, not every CMS is the same.
Re-inventing the wheel, then clamping it
Many web design and development companies like to tie customers to their own proprietary CMS that they have developed in-house. This effectively locks you into paying monthly fees and prevents you from migrating your site in the future as you don’t own the CMS that powers it.
We are different. We like to retain our customers based on impeccably good service and quality results Rather than locking our customers down we do the opposite.
We always empower our customers by building websites on an open source CMS like WordPress. We don’t charge retainers and we certainly don’t want to hold our customers to ransom. By building your site on open platforms you own your site, it’s yours. If you wish to move down the road – no matter how unlikely – you can do so with ease. And because your site is built on open standards it’s easily handled.
As open-source CMS platforms like WordPress has had hundreds of thousands of hours of development over many years by some of the world’s top developers they make for incredibly robust and mature products. This is why WordPress is now the CMS of choice when powering some of the world’s largest company websites, from fortune 500 companies like eBay, Coca-Cola to academic institutions like Harvard and MIT.
We have over 10 years’ experience implementing some of the most popular open source projects out there for various solutions, from e-commerce to community blogging sites to basic content-managed websites. We therefore feel we can offer the best advice as to which system is ideally suited to your project.

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